"Kiss of the Scorpio". LARP event on the rally

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"Kiss of the Scorpio". LARP event on the rally

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"The clouds of war moved a little bit further from the valley of Naa-Rev, leaving many people in pain and misery.

Some fled, and those were lucky.

Some stayed. And these are us.

Intimidated by soldiers of Katanga, who themselves live in constant terror applied by their superiors and secret police, we see the time passing this dangerous and God foresaken place. It is a dangerous area, chaotic enough though to run some serious business here. Guerillas, political dissidents and people with truly strange accents are wandering around the place, doing businesses it is better not to analyze too much. Spy games, large strange transits and small-scale smuggling were the part of this place since the beginning of the war. But now, only the toughest still play it.

And the rest is only awaiting the chance to flee..."

This is an invitation to the LARP event, simultaneous to the main operation, that is going to take place in Modlin. We will create the whole village in the middle of war zone, inhabited by strangest possible characters. This is the second edition of the epic story of Ostatek (eng. "Ending"), formerly the last place in Katanga and the gate to Gorgonia and Western Europe for many.

Village itself is a fully functional game element, with rules and role in the main conflict. Players can take their weapons, although it is much less likely they will have to/ have possibility to use it. There will be spying, intrigues, smuggling and other things You normally shouldn't do in a civilised state.

If You come to the rally with a girlfriend (as she, for example, doesn't want to let You go alone ;) ), we will find a role for her for the whole rally.

Rules of the game will be announced later on.

All applications, including suggestions regarding the players' character should be sent to Kret at kret@gildia.com no later than on 15th of August. After that there is, of course, a possibility to play, but the attactions (character sheet and interesting role) may be much more limited.

Hope to see all of You there.


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